PFR’s History in Providing Thermal Services

PFR was founded in January 1972 to provide advanced thermal engineering services to the energy field with a specialization in software simulation of equipment used in the oil and petrochemical fields. Our software roots began with a program used to simulate air cooled heat exchangers in the oil and utility industries. This program was very well received, which allowed PFR to expand our software offerings to more complex simulations, namely fired heaters and furnaces.

In 1975, PFR began marketing the FRNC-5 mainframe program, initially developed by PFR for the Chevron Research and Development Company. The FRNC-5PC program was originally developed to simulate fired heaters, furnaces, and boilers, and continues with the same purpose today.

The 1980s brought an expansion to our product offerings. PFR developed and released two additional mainframe programs; FURCRAK which models high temperature cracking furnaces like ethylene furnaces, and REFORM-3 which models Steam-Methane Reforming furnaces. These programs provided additional options for furnace modelling, and completed the suite of offerings for simulation software of fired heaters and furnaces by PFR.

With the advent of the desktop computer, PFR released PC versions of the popular simulation software, REFORM-3PC and FRNC-5PC. This release, coupled with the wide availability of Windows software, brought both FRNC-5PC and REFORM-3PC to a multitude of engineers, designers and program users, that had previously not had access to such powerful tools. This allowed for rapid growth in the use and availability of these programs throughout all aspects of the oil and petrochemical industries. Today, these software programs have become the industry standard for fired heater and furnace rating, utilized by the top fired heater manufacturers, EPCs, and Oil Companies throughout the world.

In 2009, PFR Engineering Systems was purchased by Petro-Chem Development of Heurtey Petrochem. PFR is a wholly owned subsidiary, operated independently. The benefit and backing of a global entity such as Heurtey Petrochem has allowed PFR to invest in R&D and software development to continue to improve our software for our customers, and the industry in general.

PFR continues to this day to be focused on providing industry leading software for fired heater and furnace rating, as well as unparalleled service, training and support for our customers worldwide.