Reduce Heater Operating Costs

Increase Heater Capacity

Troubleshoot Heater Problems

Check New Heater Designs

Evaluate Process Changes

Minimize Unplanned Shutdowns

Model Process Controls

  1. Overview
  2. Uses
  3. Inputs
  4. Outputs
  • FRNC-5PC is a rating program for general purpose fired heaters. Based on user-supplied heater geometry, combustion data, and process information, the program calculates operating parameters such as firing rate, heater efficiency, tube skin temperatures and required tube thicknesses, gas-side temperatures and draft, process temperatures, pressure drop and flow regimes, heat duties and fluxes, and much more.

    FRNC-5PC simulates entire radiant sections of most heater types, coil configurations, tube and fin types, ducting, stacks, and external transfer lines. FRNC-5PC can simulate the heat recovery sections of all types of furnaces, boilers and turbines.

    FRNC-5PC has a user-friendly graphical input system and multiple, user-controlled output options, such as heater data sheets, graphical output, spreadsheet output and tabular output. The input system contains on-line help and input limit and error checking.

  • Following are some of the many uses of FRNC-5PC:

    • Reduce Heater Operating Costs
      • Lower heater fuel consumption
      • Evaluate air leakage, air preheaters and heat recovery coils
    • Increase Heater Capacity
      • Identify thermal, hydraulic and draft limits
      • Model process controls
      • Minimize excess air for NOx control
    • Evaluate Process Changes
      • Stream rates, temperatures and compositions
      • Steam injection
      • Process stream flow regimes and vaporization
      • HAZOPS and Process Safety Management reviews
    • Check New Heater Designs
      • Optimize capital expenditures
      • Determine firebox and overall heater efficiencies
      • Evaluate most boiler types
    • Minimize Unplanned Shutdowns
      • Provide detailed tube skin temperature and tubewall thickness profiles
      • Evaluate fouling and coking effects
      • Train engineers to troubleshoot heaters
  • User Interface


    Firebox Data

    FRNC-Inputs Firebox-Data

    Coil Section Data

    FRNC-Inputs Coil-Section-Data

    Steam/Water Injection

    FRNC-Inputs Steam-Water-Injection

    Hydrocarbon Mixture

    FRNC-Inputs Hydrocarbon-Mixture

    Firing Conditions

    FRNC-Inputs Firing-Conditions


    FRNC-Inputs Schematics

  • Output Spreadsheets