Furnace Rating and Optimization

Rate Alternate Operations

Decrease Fuel Usage

Extend Tube Life

Check or Compare Furnace Designs

Evaluate Proposed Catalysts

Monitor Catalyst Activity

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  • REFORM-3PC is a rating program for the firebox sections of Steam-Methane Reformer furnaces, which are used in Hydrogen, Ammonia and Oxo-Alcohol production. Based on user-supplied furnace geometry, combustion and catalyst data, and process information, the program calculates operating parameters such as firing rate, furnace efficiency, tube skin temperatures, gas-and process-side temperature profiles, heat duties, process composition profiles, and fluxes.

    REFORM-3PC simulates most reforming furnace types such as Up, Down, or Side Fired rectangular and cylindrical types, as well as Terrace Wall. It can model any catalyst shape or size. REFORM-3PC performs process-side kinetics calculations based on stream composition and temperature for each tube increment. The program uses a 3-dimensional flue gas zone analysis and accurate process-side kinetics for each tube increment. Both primary and secondary (combustion) reactions are calculated.

    REFORM-3PC has a user-friendly graphical input system and multiple, user-controlled output options, such as, graphical output, spreadsheet output and tabular output. The input system contains on-line help and input limit and error checking.

  • REFORM-3PC can model gas or liquid fuels and can be run in full performance rating mode or simple thermodynamic prediction mode to get overall reaction yields. The program calculates both circumferential and longitudinal tube wall temperature profiles.

    Following are some of the applications of REFORM-3PC:

    • Furnace Rating and Optimization
      • Decrease Fuel Usage
      • Extend Tube Life
      • Evaluate Process Variable Changes
      • Evaluate Fuel, Firing or Burner Changes
      • Determine Efficiency and Heat Flux Profiles
      • Monitor Catalyst Activity
      • Evaluate Firebox or Tube Modifications
      • Optimize Steam and Recycle Flows
      • Use as HAZOP or Benchmarking Tool
    • Furnace Designs
      • Perform, Check or Compare Designs
      • Rate Alternate Operations
      • Check Variations to Specs
      • Check Burner Types and Locations
      • Evaluate Proposed Catalysts
      • Develop Process Control Algorithms
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    Process Conditions


    Composition Data


    Firebox Data


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    Combustion Conditions


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