PFR Engineering Releases REFORM-3PC v7.0

On February 1st, 2012, PFR Engineering released REFORM-3PC v7.0.  Version 7.0 includes several important updates to the REFORM-3PC computer program:

  1. Overhauled the Licensing System to discontinue the hard lock security keys.  Now the program is protected by a software security lock.  The program is activated by entering a product activation key which will be verified automatically via Internet on PFR’s server.  The license is good for a particular PC only and can not be shared or passed around (unless it is a network license.)  In this way, users can better control the program’s usage within their company.
  2. Changed program architecture such that administrative rights are no longer needed to run the program.  The INI file and all required files are now stored and accessed in the Install directory.  The program does not need access to the WINDOWS directory nor to the SYSTEM directory.  Program can now be successfully installed in any Install directory that the user chooses. This new installation procedure overcomes many of the problems associated with the tighter security controls and permissions instituted by Win 7.
  3. Added a warning that informs the user when his license has less than 30 days before it expires.
  4. Fixed a printout problem which gave an incorrect heat loss result for the transfer line between the primary and secondary reformer when the user does not input a value for the temperature drop in the transfer line.
  5. Numerous programming changes to accommodate the latest C++ Compilers and the latest Fortran compilers.

If you would like additional information about REFORM-3PC v7.0 or any of the other PFR Engineering software products, please email us at