PFR Releases FRNC-5PC Version 9.1

On November 3rd, 2015, PFR Engineering released FRNC-5PC v9.1.  Version 9.1 includes a number of enhancements, upgrades and new features.  Users will see valuable increases in functionality in this new release.  Following are some highlights:

  1. Increased the number of Steam Injections points from one to three.  The multiple injections can be for the same process stream or for different process streams.
  2. Added a new graphical output for Flow Regime Maps.  The location of each tube with two-phase flow in the heater is shown on the Baker or Fair Map.
  3. Increased the number of separate Tube IDs from 20 to 89.  Also allowed 89 separate Tube emissivity and Tube Roughness inputs as well.  This will allow more complex transfer lines to be modeled.
  4. Allowed a 4th Method to input Physical Property Grids.  Users may now enter data directly into an Excel spreadsheet (a template is provided) and then port the data into the GUI screens.
  5. Improved the navigation from field to field in the middle Quick-Edit pane.  It is especially easier and more intuitive to navigate around drop-down menus.  Changed the behavior of the auto-recovery function of the GUI.  After a crash, the program no longer erases the backup file when the GUI starts up.
  6. Added new inputs to allow the user to input multipliers to the average heat flux  (convective and radiant portions) and to the peak heat flux (radiant portion only) that are calculated by the program.  This allows the user to over-ride the peak/average flux ratios, if desired.
  7. Increased the number of separate Fuel Specifications (i.e. Fuel IDs) from 6 to 20.

If you would like additional information about FRNC-5PC v9.1 or any of the other PFR Engineering software products, please email us at