PFR Releases FRNC-5PC Version 9.4.1

On February 27, 2020, PFR Engineering released FRNC-5PC v9.4.1. Version 9.4.1 includes a number of enhancements, upgrades and new features. Following are some highlights:

  1. Added option to specify Tube Design Stress parameters, to be used in the Tube Wall Thickness calculations.
  2. Added utility to display Process Stream properties at a specified Pressure and Temperature.
  3. Added utility to display Steam/Water properties at specified conditions.
  4. Added option to disable automatic Stack-damper adjustment (to avoid positive Bridgewall draft).
  5. Added additional built-in Thermal Fluid properties (for Dowtherm and Exeltherm fluids).
  6. Added ability to specify “0” Process stream flow rates. There will be no process-side heat transfer or pressure drop calculations, but any Coils’ tubes will be included in the Flue Gas draft calculations.

If you would like additional information about FRNC-5PC v9.4.1 or any of the other PFR Engineering software products, please email us at