PFR Releases REFORM-3PC Version 8.0.3

On July 6, 2021, PFR Engineering released REFORM-3PC v8.0.3. Following are some of the improvements made to REFORM-3PC:

  1. Added the ability to change the units (‘US/English’ or ‘International’) of an entire model.
  2. Expanded the radiation calculation correlation range of tube Pitch/Diameter ratios to include values greater than 4.0, and improved the circumferential temperature calculation for single-fired tubes (Box and Circumferential-cylindrical fireboxes). Also improved the calculation of ‘Alpha’ for double-row tubes when Pitch/Diameter ratio is greater than 8.0.
  3. For multiple-fuel cases, allowed one of the fuels to contain no combustible components. This can be useful for modeling ‘tramp’ air leakage.
  4. Fixed a bug in the calculation of Flue Gas flow rate when there is O2 in the fuel.

If you would like additional information about REFORM-3PC v8.0.3 or any of the other PFR Engineering software products, please email us at