PFR Releases FRNC-5PC Version 9.6.0

On March 25, 2023, PFR Engineering released FRNC-5PC v9.6.0. Version 9.6.0 includes a number of enhancements, upgrades and new features. Following are some highlights:

  1. Added option to choose ‘Convection-only case’ modeling option (to minimize required inputs for that case).
  2. For Convection coils, automatically calculate upstream flue gas ‘zone’ radiation using ‘Distance Upstream’.
  3. Improve the calculations of Firebox ‘Mean Beam Length’ and ‘Radiating-to-Bridgewall DeltaT’ for non-simple cases.
  4. Added the option to input % Liquid Static (Gravity) head loss for ALL cases (including ‘0’ for no Static head loss).
  5. Added new visibility-enhancing features so user knows what input item has been selected.

If you would like additional information about FRNC-5PC v9.6.0 or any of the other PFR Engineering software products, please email us at